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Our Story


Edenation was established in 2014 in “Sunny Los Angeles” as a brand that encompasses a love for cutting edge style, art, culture and psychology.  Our design is intended to be simple yet chic, stylish yet unpretentious; and our message - positive and empowering.

Edenation was founded by a mother of two children and a doctor of Clinical Psychology with a lifelong love for fashion and design. Edenation was born out of a desire to incorporate high fashion with a bold, empowering message for positive social change.

Edenation is designed to inspire positivity.  We strive to create hope and promote the pursuit of one’s dreams and aspirations.  This is reflected in every single design we make, including one of our favorites, which reminds us to “be present.”

Edenation, based in Los Angeles, is deeply rooted in its community. Philanthropy and community are part of our very “fabric” and are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. Edenation donates a portion of all sales proceeds to philanthropic organizations that touch us, including Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and City of Hope.